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An Introduction To The Name Of The Wheelchair
Jan 24, 2018

The wheelchair is a walking tools for lots of people, but few people know about the wheelchair, here is a brief introduction of basic knowledge of the wheelchair, we hope to share some advice in choosing a wheelchair.

Let's check the components of the wheelchair and its role.


Handle:Also known as handle bar, which is mainly used by caregivers, can also be used by the users of the lower back muscle strength, which can help users better grasp the balance of the body.

Back wheel:The main wheel of the wheelchair, about 61 centimeters in diameter, determines the degree of difficulty of the wheel, and the wheel is large enough to drive.The wheels are generally about the size of a bicycle tire so that they can be replaced later.There are two kinds of wheels: aerated, solid rubber.General inflatable have cushion effect, the person that is in wheelchair is relatively comfortable, but meet blowout, to the person that USES wheelchair is more troublesome.Solid, not afraid of the risk of puncture, and do not often pump, but encountering a bumpy road, users sit up uncomfortable.

Handrim:Also known as a hand push ring, the user is used to drive the rear wheel operating equipment.The material of rotation is different, the shape is also different, this should be chosen according to the condition of the patient, the handwheel ring with protruding material can help the person that grasp ability bad to use.The wheel rim is not recommended to be too smooth, because it is the friction of the arm and wheel that drives the rear wheels.

Brake:Wheelchair braking device, has a long handle and small, suitable for body balance function of long handle bad people, they have no way to bend to reach the brake, upper body strength is insufficient person can with longer handle, reach the purpose of energy saving.The brakes also have front and rear brakes, which is a choice for the upper extremity.

Front wheel:The wheel is free to rotate in front of the large wheel, with a diameter of 15 to 20 centimeters. The wheel has a large and small size, and the large one is easy to go up the steps. The steering is difficult and the small one is easy to turn, but the upper step is difficult.The width of the front wheel also has a certain effect, narrow and easy to sink into the horizontal stripes of the gutter cover, and the wider in the direction of the turn increases the friction.It's also inflated and solid.

Backrest:The high and low angle of the back when choosing a wheelchair is important for maintaining good posture.A high back wheelchair is suitable for people with poor body level. The back of a person with good ability should be on the back of the shoulder blade, which will not affect the scapula activity.Backrest Angle generally at about 15 °.

Armrest:Provide upper body support.Full length: provide full support for the user's forearm.Half long (table length) : can let wheelchair rely on table mesa more close.The handrail has fixed, disassembled and raised, portable handrails for easy transfer.The height of the handrail is fixed according to oneself condition, the person that the body balance is bad can choose slightly tall armrest.

Seat cushion:Appropriate cushion can provide a good support, comfort and position through pressure buffer and effectively dispersed to prevent pressure sores, cushion for hips feel bad choice is especially important.There are many kinds of cushions: inflatable, gel, foam, and mixed.The choice of general seat cushion should be determined by the working therapist through the pressure measurement.

The seat:Suitable for the width and depth of support for user comfort and is a must, general to sit straight after hip width on both sides of the baffle distance about 3-5 centimeters advisable, seat medium to facilitate through the narrow passage.The depth will not stand up to the back of the knee.The front edge of the seat is 5 cm from the nest.

Frame:It can be divided into cross and fixed brackets, and the cross support is called folding bracket for easy storage and transportation.Fixed support: provides good stability, easy to move forward.

Hip:Provide leg support to prevent the feet from sliding backward from the pedals.

Pedal:Provide foot and calf support, fixed, rotating, removable, upward-lifting.The length of the pedals should be about the same length as the length of the lower leg (note minus the cushion thickness) and the pedals should be at least 5 cm from the ground.

Besides the basic composition of the wheelchair, the wheelchair also has some accessories:

The wheelchair table:It can be used for eating, reading, etc.It is mainly used by people with poor trunk control ability.

Heel ring:Attach to the rear of the pedals and position the feet to prevent the slide.

Anti-tipping device:Add the rear wheel to the ground to prevent the wheel from turning.This also limits the use of wheelchair access.

Wheelchair tape:The protective belt on the chest is used by people with poor balance ability to prevent slipping out of the wheelchair.

Bags:It is convenient to travel with things.

Gloves:Add friction to drive wheelchair, protect hand.

Ring sweatband:The same as a badminton racket, add friction, sweat and protect the hands.


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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

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