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How Much Black Science And Technology For Hawking's Exclusive Wheelchair?
Mar 19, 2018

Stephen William Hawking is one of mankind's most outstanding scientists following Newton and Einstein, and is known as "King of the Universe"!

However, the talent of Tian Ye, the most famous contemporary scientist, was diagnosed as early as he was young.

"ALS", the body gradually falls from the bottom up.

When he became famous, he must be in a wheelchair.

For half a century, the wheelchair was almost his entire body, his "body." At first it was just a means of transportation. When his body "frozen", his wheelchair became more and more high-tech! Can not walk, can not speak, Hawking can not move his fingers, but can rely on this wheelchair covered with black technology, live brilliant!

Without this wheelchair, there is no Hawking today!


Ultra-high mobility wheelchairs,

Also ran over Prince Charles's toes~

I remember reading a documentary by Hawking before. I was terrified by him. I really haven't seen an electric wheelchair open so fast! Feeling about to fly!

In our memory, Hawking is the most calming person in the world, thinking and exploring the exciting topics of the science of the universe and the future of humanity every day, but it is still alive! (Well, because I can't really move..)

But he is not a quiet, beautiful man. On the contrary, he is a very lively man! The frozen body was unable to seal his active heart. “It's always a matter of stepping on the gas pedal.” It's like a child is bumping into a car.

One year when he met with Prince Charles, whim was driving a wheelchair in front of the prince. As a result, he accidentally wheeled the wheel of the rotating wheelchair over Prince Charles's feet and gave the prince a "stink"...

It can be said that the strong horse is equipped with a hero.

Don't open your mouth,

It can make the world hear his "voice"!

And an MIT engineer prepared his own voice for Hawking, so the Hawking voice we can hear today is actually close to his true voice.

Typing on the face,

Write more than ten best-selling books, but also microblogging!

Haughing, who regained his typing and speaking skills, was very happy. He began to write books in a wheelchair and published the world-famous "A Brief History of Time," which was translated into more than 40 languages and sold more than 10 million times. World bestseller!

But the good times are not long, because his condition has deteriorated again, and the remaining three fingers are no longer able to move! By 2008, he had only one right-sided muscle left in his body and the wheelchair would continue to upgrade!

Hawking's postgraduate assistant was witty. He designed a pair of glasses for Hawking. The latter installed a device called “cheek switch” that can detect the muscle activity of Hawking’s right cheek using infrared rays!

Hawking uses this facial muscle instead of a finger to continue typing!

From “three-fingered meditation” to “one-finger meditation” to “one-face meditation”, there is also a price, and his typing speed is reduced to 5-6 words per minute.

However, this black technology did not last long, Hawking's condition continued to deteriorate, and the remaining facial muscles became increasingly rigid. It took about 20 minutes to “say” out about 30 words. It was really uncomfortable! Intel's technicians considered using the latest eye tracking technology at the time to replace the old system and use the cursor as a cursor!

This technology is very powerful, it is more accurate, faster and more convenient than our hand-eye combination with a mouse to control the screen cursor!

However, contrary to what happened, Hawking's condition has caused severe drooping of the eyelids. The eye-tracking technology cannot accurately lock in his gaze. This plan was forced to give up. Tyl engineers had to turn around to develop better typing software to increase Hawking's typing speed.

The new software is very similar to the typewriting software we are using today. It records and analyzes the user's history and habits and gives predictions. For example, enter "Chuang", the software will automatically give "New Society". We don't need us to spell it one by one or one by one. This everyone has a lot of input method should be very familiar with ~

~This new software is still very useful, Hawking's typing speed thus increased several times! His writing and social activities are therefore more active!

He is particularly fond of this new software, he said, "I hope it will continue to serve me for the next 20 years."

Universal remote control,

Sitting can control everything in your home!

In addition to typing and language features, engineers also installed a lot of convenient operations for wheelchairs, such as one-click mute, fast retrieval, task switching, send and receive information, etc., Hawking can also use our computer to access the Internet ~In addition, there is a universal remote control for wheelchairs, which controls Hawking’s office and all smart devices in the home.

Such as televisions, audio equipment, air conditioning equipment, door switches, lights, etc., everything can be remotely controlled by a key!

This is what we now call the smart home life! Hawking has long been experiencing!

Multi-function sensing system,

Always monitor the safety of his and wheelchairs!

Hawking's body is still the most important issue to be concerned about, and there is a multifunctional sensing system in the wheelchair.

This system can always monitor Hawking's physiological indicators and evaluate his health status.

There are also cases of monitoring the wheelchair, recording the use of the wheelchair and sensing the safety of the wheelchair. To prevent Hawking from accidentally overturning the car Professor Hawking is now 76 years old. For people in such physical conditions, it is really very old!

I think this is due to Hawking's optimism. There is also a wheelchair that has been covered in black technology and has been with him for half a century!


The doctor said that Professor Hawking may only live another two years. But I don’t believe it. I believe in science. I should say that I’m praying for science so that Professor Hawking can continue his legend. As he himself said: "Medicines failed to cure my illness, so I was more dependent on technology."

Old Hawking, but the real people are old, look at what new things he installed in a wheelchair again!

An M4 Carbine! Or added eight times the mirror!

In fact, the history of human science and technology is also a bit like Hawking's life. Physical activity is gradually being replaced by highly efficient technology. The future of humans may be this appearance.

In the end, don’t ask if I have bought a link. Sometimes I send it to us in the background. I’d also like to know where to buy such a cow’s wheelchair!

Because it is a technology company sponsorship sponsorship to Hawking, the specific price is difficult to set; According to a rough estimate, buying a current version of the Hawkings wheelchair may have to spend 950,000 to 1 million US dollars (up and down 6 million RMB it)


If we continue to upgrade and install new high technology in the future, it would be even more expensive, such as adopting a "brain-computer interface" to allow wheelchairs to be directly controlled by the nervous system.

Such black technology wheelchairs actually help Hawking, but also help many other patients who are suffering from "freeze-free," or other handicapped people with disabilities. Let them have a more comfortable and beautiful life.

The so-called science and technology change the life, it is so ~


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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

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