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Aluminium Adjustable Toilet Chair with Wheels

Aluminium Adjustable Toilet Chair with Wheels

Four-inch universal wheel brake toilet chair LK692 using high-quality aluminum, strong load-bearing walls, PU cushion, the elderly more comfortable, detachable barrel, convenient care....
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Products description

The product of commode chair with four wheel LK692 description:

The commode chair with Leather seat, pumping toilet, comfortable backrest, usually when the chair can be dual-purpose type .Suitable for the frail elderly or patients with inconvenience, life support.

As a mobile sanitary ware, can be placed on the bedside of the bedroom or courtyard convenient place, and sanitary ware for supporting the use of better. With a seat cushion can usually be used as a seat. Practical and generous. Easy to move

Product details:

commode chair with rounb toilet.jpg

Detachable armrest and foot trailers are 

removable, not only to facilitate the 

movement of patients, but also fold up 

to save space

commode chair seat for sale.jpg

Seat cushion: Square PU seat Not only 

easy to waterproof but also easy to clean

commode chair with round bed pen.jpg

Removable round bedpan, easy to clean 

commode chair with rounb toilet1.jpg

Selection of high-quality aluminum pipe, 

high-quality welding technology, 

load-bearing capacity

Four wheel with detachable footrest 

design easy to move person

Product Specification:

Power coating Aluminum alloy pipe frame

Detachable armrest and detachable footrest

Folding frame for easy storage and transport

Two castors real castors with lock

Seat cushion: Square PU seat , more comfortable and easy to clean

Four wheel easy to move

Seat Width


Seat Height


Overall height

91cm (floor to top of push handle)

Overall Depth

47cm (w/o front riggings)

How to clean and maintain :

1, detergent and water, to the toilet to wash a comfortable bath. The commode is a lot of bacteria, so we often clean it, the commode usually made of plastic, so coated with a layer of bubbles with detergent, with a lot of water Cleaning, basically cleaning the commode are like this, after this move, the commode will become very clean.

2, regular inspection and repair, is the best way to maintain. We usually sit on the commode when the toilet, chair problems, we continue to sit, the result fell to the place really hard to see, therefore, regularly check the screws loose, the tripod is solid, if the pine Took the screw tight, rusty, put the screw changed.

Other commode chair show:

competitive commode chair for elder.png

Our Promise:

We are willing to guarantee the quality of our products . All of our products have passed the CE/IS13485 certification, and one year of quality assurance.

Wheelchair Frame

3 year

Lead-acid Batteries

Half a year

Lithium Batteries

1 year

PG controller

3 years

Domestic controller

1 year

Our service:

1. We are manufacturer, so we can offer you the best.

2. We are factory, we have professional technical teams, who can solve your  problem at the first time.

3. We have a professional worker team, who are skilled in manufacturing wheelchairs for many years.

4. We have patience, we can talk about any detail of the wheelchair which you like.

5. We can accept OEM and CUSTOMIZATION.

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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

    Tel: +86-022-29512420
    Mob: +8613302033255
    E-mail: carry@tianjinlinkang.com

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