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Manual Wheelchair

Handicapped Foldable Teenager Wheelchair

Handicapped Foldable Teenager Wheelchair

Wheelchairs are an important tool for rehabilitation. Wheelchairs are not only a means of transport for physically handicapped and people with reduced mobility, but more importantly, they are able to exercise and participate in social activities with the help of wheelchairs....
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Product Introduction

Before using the wheelchair and within one month, check whether the bolts are loose. If it is loose, tighten it in time. In normal use, check every three months to ensure that all components are good. Check the various nuts on the wheelchair (especially the fixing nut of the rear axle). If it is loose, it needs to be adjusted and tightened in time.

Product details

ultralight children small wheelchair.png

It can be folded.

It is very convenient for outside travelling 

or storage. Can be stored in the car easily.

collapsible children small wheelchair.png

Flip-up desk armrest

It is convenient to push the 

wheelchair to the dinner table.

lightweight  children small wheelchair.png

Double X-brace,

Min.125kg weight capacity, 

apply for most consumers.



Factory:ISO13485:2003 standard

Products:All wheelchairs have been reviewed against the declaration requirements of conformity for CE marking According to the medical device directive 93/42/EEC Annex I & VII.


Our Advantages:

  1. Have cooperated with a lot of importers for more than 10 years.

  2. Experienced in doing business with big customers.

  3. Quick delivery time for decent orders.

  4. Own designing team for new products development.

  5. Factory audited by SGS, Intertek.

  6. Free samples could be provided.

Wheelchair maintenance:

First of all, you must fully understand the device, how to use it, the function of the buttons everywhere, do not appear to buy things, can not be used flexibly at critical moments, especially how to start and how to stop quickly, when the sudden events can play a key role.

Keep the body clean and dry in a dry place to prevent the parts from rusting.

Please check the tire usage regularly, repair the rotating parts in time, and regularly add a small amount of lubricating oil.

Sometimes it is inevitable to get muddy water, or get wet by the rain, pay attention to clean the soil in time, and apply anti-rust wax. The rain is too acidic. If the soil is not cleaned in time and it is easy to be rusted in wheelchair, at least from the visual It affects its beauty.



Wheelchair operations:

Wheelchair deployment: Hold the armrests outwards with both hands, and gently press the wheelchairs on both sides of the cushions to expand them easily; first turn the pedals up and turn them upside down.

Wheelchair Folding: Use both hands to grasp the cushion and lift up the middle part before and after, and the wheelchair can be folded.

Foot height adjustment: Loosen the square head fixing bolt at the bottom of the pedal elbow, press in or pull out the straight tube, and adjust the height of the pedal freely.

Ride: first erect the foot, sit flat and hold it flat, hold the foot, and move both sides of the hand ring forward or backward at the same time to make the patient move forward or backward. When turning left, stabilize the left wheel. Pull the right wheel forward, turn to the right and vice versa.

Brake: Push the brake handle to brake.

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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

    Tel: +86-022-29512420
    Mob: +8613302033255
    E-mail: carry@tianjinlinkang.com

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