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Manual Wheelchair

Travelled Lightweight Wheelchair

Travelled Lightweight Wheelchair

Design fro Children doublecross brace lightweight wheelchair with rear wheel brake and handle brake,to the maximum extent possible to ensure the safety of children....
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Products description

The product of travelled light wheelchair 803A is a portable hand-designed wheelchair for children, light and easy to carry is the greatest feature of this wheelchair, the wheelchair have double brake (rear wheel brake & handle brake), also have safe belt: ensure Children maximum safety . 

The Linkang medical Children Manual Wheelchair is easy to maintain and is extremely lightweight. it can be easily lifted and great for use when travelling as it folds up small enough to fit in most vehicles. Drive wheels also feature a quick release, making travel and storage easier. Assistants also benefit from dual integrated hand brakes for consistent and reliable control of the chair operator. The included seatbelt can be used for less stable operators who may be at a fall risk.

Product details:

travel lightweight chair.pngHandle brake design enhanced protection for children
travel manual wheelchair.pngPE fixed armrest no cracking, no distortion
travel wheelchair.png

Rear wheel brake: easy to control speed and parking, 

safe running on slope road

Pneumatic re tire damping effect is better, more stable

handbrake wheelchair.png

Wheelchairs can be folded to facilitate the car into

 the trunk when going out

Product Specification:

Description Of Goods

Light Children Wheelchair



Original Place


Front Wheel

6’’ solid tires

Appropriate for

Children & Teenager

Rear Wheel

16’’ pneumatic tires

Whole Frame

Silver powder coated

Seat Width


Front Forks

Grey powder coated

Seat Height


Cross Brace

Silver powder coated




Powder coated iron



Carton Size:


Weight Capacity


Product Qualifications:

CE wheelchair.jpg

Wheel chair operation:

manual wheelchair operation

Get on the train

1) Put the unfolded car on the ground;

2) Pull the parking brake, brake around the rear wheel

3) put the pedals closed, move closer to the wheelchair, hold the armrests around, slowly to the cushion;

4) After people get on the wheelchair, start the pedal, put the foot on the pedal, fasten the safety belt;

5) Release the parking brake can be implemented.


1) in the process of traveling, in case of obstacles, caregivers need to hold both hands with the gloves while foot pedal sets, so that the front wheel lifts over obstacles, the rear wheel hits the obstacles, hands clasped gloves , Lift up the rear wheel, you can cross the obstacle

2) In the process of traveling, in case of large obstacles or steps, two people need to hold the wheelchair on both sides of the frame, and lift the wheelchair over the obstacle.

3) downhill to be reversed, with both hands holding the hand push ring, the size of the force control downhill speed, steep slope when the need for nursing staff control, nursing staff should be slowly downhill downhill, uphill is the normal implementation.

wheelchair operation.png 

Wheelchair Care and maintenance:

Care and maintenance

1) Check the front wheel, rear wheel, brake and other parts in the wheelchair before use of the screws and rear spokes, if loose, please lock (due to transportation bumpy, etc., may cause the wheelchair truck loosening)

2) Check tire inflation is normal, if the lack of gas, please inflated, inflatable method and the same bike

3) wheelchairs in the use of the process, every month need to check the various parts of the motor, screws and rear spokes are loose, if loose lock in time to avoid potential safety problems

4) Active parts should be added weekly lubricants to prevent inflexible activities

5) After using the wheelchair car, apply a soft dry cloth to wipe the surface water vapor, dirt, etc. to prevent rust

6) Wheelchairs should be stored in a dry place to avoid damp rust; cushion, backrest should be kept clean to prevent the breeding of bacteria

Wheelchair Precautions:


1. Do not step on the pedal wheelchair up and down

2. Do not brake the parking brake up and down wheelchair

3. Wheelchair in the driving process, especially downhill when the parking brake is strictly prohibited to avoid rollover bodily injury; monthly check the wheelchair fasteners, if loose, tighten in time. For more questions, please see the reference.

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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

    Tel: +86-022-29512420
    Mob: +8613302033255
    E-mail: carry@tianjinlinkang.com

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