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Manual Wheelchair

Ultralight Children Travel Wheelchair

Ultralight Children Travel Wheelchair

This is an teenager lightweight wheelchair 。Choose a QUICKIE folding lightweight wheelchair if you have changing needs or if you are looking for a portable option, folding frames collapse for easy transport and they are highly adjustable, ultra lightweight, and offer our broadest range of options....
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Products description

The Teenager Transport Chair with 16" rear wheels has a lightweight aluminum frame and padded upholstery. The flared handles and handy back-release hinge allow the back to fold down for easy storage and transport. The companion activated hand brakes are ideal for locking the rear wheels during patient transfers, and provide for added safety and control. Comes complete with seat belt, swingaway footrests with composite footplates and heel loops. Supports patient weights up to 300 lbs.

Product details:

Flared handles and handy back-release hinge

Powder coated steel frame

Padded full-length permanent armrests

Padded nylon upholstery is comfortable, lightweight and easy to clean

Seat belt for added safety

Nylon seat straps

Composite wheels with solid rubber tires

With tool-free, fixed footrests with heel loops

foldable children wheelchair.png


lightweight children wheelchair.png

16'' pneumatic tire

teenager disabled ultralight wheelchair.png

Double support pole

fixed footrests children wheelchair.png


children protable wheelchair.png



Product Qualifications:

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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs - Manual Wheelchairs are defined by their two large wheels in the back, where a user can self propel using hand-rims. They come in 5 general categories to suite your needs:

1.Standard Wheelchairs - These are your basic economy wheelchairs, the are good for indoor/outdoor use and light commercial use. However, they are heavy which is an important factor when considering the user will have to push that weight. Plus, it pay to think about lift these chairs into a car when traveling.

2.Lightweight Wheelchairs - Made from lighter materials, these wheelchair resemble their standard-type cousins. Generally, these chairs have better wheels and bearings, plus the lower weight, that make more efficient to self-propel or push by companion.

3.Reclining Back Wheelchairs - Reclining wheelchairs, as the name implies, allow the seated users to recline in thier chair. Reclining wheelchairs reach an almost reach a full recline.

4.Heavy Duty Wheelchairs - Heavy duty wheelchairs are built specifically for users that need a wider seat and higher weight capacity. Our heavy duty wheelchairs can accommodate users up to 700 lbs. and with seat widths up to 30".

5.Performance Wheelchairs - High tech meets high performance in our performance wheelchair category. They are designed to work as almost an extension of your body. Every section of the chair is customized to your body type and for optimal efficiency. Performance chairs come in general models:

Foldable frames- these fold in the middle - "accordion" style.


Full Refund

We offer full refund on all:

Transport chairs

Standard manual wheelchairs

Light weight manual wheelchairs

Folding ultralightweight wheelchairs* (except for the 9000, etc)

Recliner wheelchairs

Heavy duty transport wheelchairs



Wheelchair accessories (bags, ramps & attachments)

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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

    Tel: +86-022-29512420
    Mob: +8613302033255
    E-mail: carry@tianjinlinkang.com

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