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Manual Wheelchair

Ultralightweight Compact Wheelchair

Ultralightweight Compact Wheelchair

This Ultralightweight Compact Wheelchair, with High-grade flame retardant, breathable nylon upholstery,Seatbelt included for each pc,Durable side guards,Height adjustable footplate as well as Push-to-lock wheel brakes....
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Product Introduction

The Ultralightweight Compact Wheelchair is easy to lift and its small size makes it ideal for travel. Weighing only 24 lbs., the chair is easy to store and transport. The chair folds down the middle like a standard wheelchair and the footrests also folds down to make the wheelchair even more compact. The rear tire brakes added comfort and safety.

Product details

nylon cushion manual wheelchair.png

Ultra-light weight durable steel frame

anti-rust and brief looking.

nylon cushion lightweight wheelchair.png
  • High-grade flame retardant, breathable nylon upholstery.

nylon cushion collapsible wheelchair.png

Desk-length non-removable armrests, sponge pads is very soft and comfortable.

nylon cushion disabled wheelchair.png

Footrests with velcro mount leg strap.

nylon cushion protable wheelchair.png

  • 8” flat free front casters

  • 24” flat free rear wheels with white non-marking polyurethane tires.

Product Specification


Product Features

Nylon cushion lightweight Wheelchair features cutting-edge design with folding for advanced versatility and simple transportation. The 18" padded seat is ergonomically crafted for comfort to make independent mobility easy and enjoyable. The tires, made of solid rubber and mounted on composite wheels, ensure a consistently smooth ride, and feature push-to-lock functionality for extra safety. The sleek black-powdered frame is finished with durable steel to resist cracks and chipping. The black cross brace and nylon seat upholstery are sturdy, lightweight and low-maintenance to clean.

Company Profile

Linkang Medical is a medical equipment Manufacturing & Trading enterprise which specialized in Rehabilitation Products , Hospital Device & Healthcare Prodcuts' Manufacturing & Sourcing. With the Accurate product & service positioning, Professional operation team and High quality product supply to provide the best cost-effective medical equipments and services to the global medical & healthcare buyers. we hope Linkang Medical will be your most loyal partners in China.


Expand wheelchair

Hold the hand with both hands, so that the left and right frames are slightly opened, and gently press the palms on both sides of the seat cushion until the seat cushion is flat.

Wheelchair folding

Flip the left and right foot pedals upwards and lift the sides of the cushions with both hands upwards.

Pedal adjustment

To adjust the foot pedal, use the tool to loosen the locking bolt or lock nut. After adjusting to the appropriate position, lock the bolt or nut.

Lifting leg adjustment

If the user needs to adjust the angle of the lifting foot, just lift the leg against the tube when going upwards. When you are down, just gently pull the lifting handle down with your hand. After adjusting to the appropriate position, loosen the lifting handle. The upper and lower leg cushions can also be adjusted by turning. To adjust the angle of the backrest, you only need to light yourself against the back of the tube. Use both hands to gently pull down and adjust the flange. There are four holes for adjustment. (Note: The user must use the anti-tilt tube when adjusting the angle of the backrest tube. 

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    Add: ZhangJiaDi Village, WangQingTuo Town, WuQing District, TianJin, China

    General manager: Miss.Carry

    Tel: +86-022-29512420
    Mob: +8613302033255
    E-mail: carry@tianjinlinkang.com

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